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10/12 xPeke – RonOp / Levi – We1less [LoL]

This is a two 1v1 games between xPeke and RonOp and Levi – We1less at League of Legends All Stars 2016. xPeke has always been an awesome 1v1 player and he also won against Aphromoo in the last game, who was in the quarterfinals last year. I really think xPeke should win this easy against RonOp who’s a support. Same thing with Levi – We1less. Even though Levi is a very promising player, We1less is a top chinese mid laner and shouldn’t have any problems winning against any jungler in the world in a 1v1.

09/12 FaZe – Cloud9 [CS:GO]

I think this i a really good bet at the CS:GO game between C9 and Faze. C9 players have a very aggressive playstyle and I think they can destroy Karrigan, especially when it’s Train or Dust 2. FaZe haven’t played very well their last games but I think C9 showed some potential against TSM. C9 odds rised today and 2.1 at is very good!